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Please let us know that we ONLY accept order cancellations within 24 hours of placing your order. If you want to cancel the order, you must contact our General Information

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Use of our website

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Notes on the information

Our web site contains valuable information on various medical problems. However, these can never replace a visit to the doctor or other health care provider. Nor is it permitted a diagnosis based on the published information. Before to take medication or change the dose, you should do a thorough examination. Also carefully read the package insert of the drug.

We also reserve the right to make small changes, for example, B. typographical errors or other inaccuracies in, that can be corrected on our website at any time without notice. Also, we are not responsible for these errors. All information is subject to change at any time and without notice. This applies even to the prices and availability of products and services.

Intellectual property / copyright

All material on this website is subject to copyright and is our intellectual property. You can use it and keep it for personal use. However, the user declares that he is not willing to publish the material, not to send it or to use it in another manner. This is especially true for the use with another web site, an online presence, or other means, in the form of digital and physical. If you want to use the web site information in this way, you have our express written consent.

The accessibility of this website

The contents of this web site is made available to you to allow you to learn more about our products and services. Your access to or use of the website for other purposes is not allowed. Normally, our service is available for our users all the days and 24 hours on 24.

Make sure that you insert a valid shipping address in the order form, we suggest that you check the notes before submitting the order. All errors can lead to non-delivery of ordered products. If you have noticed that the notes of the address have been entered incorrectly, please contact us as soon as possible to report the matter (Contact us).

Return policy

the medicines we offer are generally equivalent to their brand-name counterparts. We guarantee that they are identical from the chemical point of view, and that they have the same medicinal effect.

If you are not satisfied with the effect our medications produce, please contact us to inform you of the problem. We will provide the address for the return and as soon as the product will be received by our return department, we will start the refund procedure.

Before contacting us, make sure to take the correct dosage of the products and follow the instructions for use. Remember that the effects can be slowed down by fatty food and alcohol you take prior to the tab.

If the product is not delivered in time (the delivery takes 10 to 21 days, there may be an additional delay of ten days for the customs checking) you can contact our support team (Contact us) for a refund. The payment will be refunded on your credit card. The refund procedure usually takes 5 to 7 business days, after this period the refund will be made on the statement of the credit card.

Because of the specific nature of the products, we do not accept returns. No one can ensure compliance with the storage conditions during transport of the order, so we cannot accept them even if the package remains closed.