Frequently Asked Questions about online pharmacy

  • How can I get my order?

    If you have chosen a product, you can do so by clicking on the cart bottom. And on the button “To the Box”, you will come to a form of order SSL encrypted in a secure manner. Here you can enter your e-mail address and the delivery address that you want to acquire. Then you stand after your request shipping and payment preferred. If all the information is present, it is possible to make the order request by clicking on the button “order ready”.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Price – 25$

    There may be a circumstance of force majeure, that is not due to the us postal delays, and similar factors outside of our control, which may cause a slight delay. You should also be aware of some delays at customs, we are not responsible.

  • I can also make an order of discharge?

    No, unfortunately we can that the possibility of an order by phone does not contribute to problems with the security of the data to avoid. But we are pleased to offer telephone support for your online order.

  • Why do I have to change my phone number during the ordering process?

    We need your phone number if you are ambiguities or problems in processing your order. In this case, we require that you contact us by phone only. We are certain ambiguities to discuss directly with you and here we are referring only to your “order online”.

  • The drug illustrated or an alternative product must be provided?

    We have always sent exactly the drug that was there in the picture. If ever it should happen that the desired product is temporarily out of production, our customer service will contact you to offer alternative products to discuss.

  • What can I do if my order does not arrive?

    Should be in the delivery of your order longer than expected, to help you, our customer g Erne more. If your order does not arrive, we offer a free delivery of the goods or the refund of the sums paid.

  • Why we can offer such low prices?

    Thanks to this digitalisation and the transition to the Internet, we can dramatically reduce our operating costs. For example, we know the cost of the rental, the infrastructure and the cost savings of the staff. The cost savings of the IF you give us under the form of lower prices for our customers.

  • It is delivered in a discreet packaging?

    Shipping is always done in a discreet packaging, with no logos or prints. The packaging gives no indication of its contents.

  • What rules apply to the production of generic drugs?

    Generic drugs must contain exactly the same active ingredients as the original drug. However, for reasons of patent law, need not necessarily look like the brand name product. Therefore, may in the color, the taste and the aid that the changes provide.

  • What are generics?

    Generic medicines are the products of imitation that have the same mechanisms of action, pharmacological, physiological, and therapeutic value of the original drug. It is possible that the production of generic products is typical of the result of the blades to match. With regards to counterfeit products, are not, further research is necessary and expensive clinical trials to test, can produce a lot less expensive. For this reason, these drugs can be much cheaper than the brand of the drug indicates.