Privacy policy


We apply the highest standards of security and privacy of data, see data Security and payments.

The personal information that we collect are provided only to fulfill your request for advice, medical advice and prescriptions. We also collect technical information to improve the customer experience on our website.

Legal treatment of the data

The personal data relating to health information and medical records are classified as “Category of special data” for the reason that may be covered by certain exceptions and provisions.

Privacy policy

We take very seriously your privacy and, as such, we are open to how your information is collected, stored, processed, and shared. Please read the following documents: Data for the exchange of data and the security policy of the payments

Terms of use

We follow the current rules of the GDPR, and we follow the law on the protection of personal data. The registry of our commissioner for information can be seen here.

Policy cookies

Click on our full policy about cookies, and read it before using our web site, this will also give advice on deleting the cookies, if necessary. When you visit our website, cookies www. they are stored in your browser both on your phone and on the computer. Cookies are present to support the use of the website. By agreeing to this policy and using our website, you consent to the installation of cookies on your device.

To keep your data

Your information will be retained indefinitely, see data Security and Payments, which highlights the security measures adopted to protect your information. This is done to follow the rules of health care. It is also important both for the patient and for the doctor if there are any problems with the prescriptions or dividends.

Page how much time should be stored in the medical records (medical records)? Indicates that it should not be deleted for the “foreseeable future”.

You can disable your account at any time.